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Welcome to The Northampton Press, the publishing wing of Don Kistler Ministries, Inc. The Northampton Press is committed to reprinting some of the finest Christian literature ever published, with a focus on the 17th and 18th century English and American Puritans. There are literally thousands of books from that period that were not reprinted after their initial publication, titles that honor Christ, exalt God, and call believers to live lives that are worthy of Him and pleasing to Him.

The logo for The Northampton Press is an artist’s rendering of the church at Northampton, MA during the time Solomon Stoddard and Jonathan Edwards ministered there.

We are hoping to produce 6-10 new titles each year. Please check back from time to time for announcements of new titles.

John MacArthur The Northampton Press is the most promising and yet experienced new publisher I know of. Its commitment to orthodox Christian literature is much needed today. Expect publications that take theology and Scripture seriously. I highly recommend this effort. John MacArthur


Let Us Pray
When our Lord’s disciples came to Him regarding prayer, they did not ask Him to teach them how to pray, but rather they asked Him to teach them to pray. Obviously even those closest to Christ needed to learn to pray. And so do we.

Here, some of our best Bible teachers and expositors give us instruction on prayer, from why we should pray, to what prayer is, how it ties in with God’s sovereignty, what it means to pray in Jesus’ name, what it means to hallow God’s name, and why God is to be the focus of our prayers, not ourselves. These, and many other topics, are addressed in this helpful book.

Paperback book, 188 pages

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Let Us Pray – Kindle Edition

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