Friends, all of us who are in Christ are “co-heirs together of the grace of life” as well as partners in the work of the ministry. We do not all have the same gifts or calling, but we are all working for the same goal, to see Christ exalted and to show others His glories. Here are ways we can work together:

1. Prayer. Paul asked the believers to pray for him, and the word he used meant “to strive.” In prayer, we strive together in our kingdom service. We kneel together before God as we ask Him to bless our endeavors on His behalf.

2. Preaching. One of the best ways to support the ministry is to invite me to come speak to your church. This gives the most exposure to the message God has givenĀ  me, and helps increase our number of prayer partners. A weekend conference at a church is a wonderful way to accomplish many things at once.

3. Financial Support. It takes financial support to sustain any ministry. We are asking the Lord to raise up partners with us in this important area also. It is always difficult to talk about these matters, but they cannot be avoided. The Apostle Paul even had to tell people what his needs were and they responded. We pray that you will as well.

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