February 18: Come Alongside Us

We are 4 months into this new adventure. Our first publication was released in October of 2007, Sermons on the Lord’s Supper by Jonathan Edwards.

We have two more books at the printers now, Thomas Watson’s classic work Heaven Taken by Storm, and a collection of Sermons on Important Doctrines by the great Scottish preacher John Colquhoun. Those books are due to ship out the first week of March.

We also have plans to release John Angell James classic work on fatherhood, The Christian Father’s Present to His Children, in a newly retypeset, updated edition in June of this year. That will coincide with the Christian Bookseller’s Association convention in Orlando in July. We will have a booth there to let retailers know that I am back publishing again. It is my goal to produce 8-12 new titles per year, most of those first-time reprints.

But publishing is not all we are involved in. There is also the sale of audio teaching CD’s, nearly 20 in all. I find a deficiency in many professing Christians of sound doctrine, particularly in some very essential matters. There is a proliferation of material available on peripheral issues, and people are drawn inexplicably to that type of thing. But they do so INSTEAD of studying the non-negotiables rather than doing so alongside those important doctrines.

When I am asked to preach or to do a weekend conference, I always try to include a clear presentation of the gospel. I do not take for granted that everyone in church knows what it is. I remember many years ago the late Dr. John Gerstner was asked if he was concerned about “the poor innocent native in Africa who had not heard the gospel yet.” He replied that he was more concerned about all the people in America who go to church every Sunday and still haven’t heard it!
That left a lasting impression on me, as you can imagine.

When we have the funds to lease office/warehouse space, and I can once again unpack my library, I would like to develop some new material for conferences. That would translate into additional teaching CD sets.

I have several hundred teaching tapes by Dr. Gerstner. I would like to get those transferred to CD and mastered to bring them up to today’s standards. I want that material preserved for future generations of Christians who want to go below the surface teaching that is so dominant today.

I would like to travel to other countries and teach theology to pastors in other lands who have hearts for God and His people, but are often without the resources we have here in our country. These countries are often inundated with false theologies, and I would love to assist them in maintaining orthodoxy and fidelity to Scripture.

Without God’s people coming alongside us to assist, those will always and only be pipe dreams at best. But if you stand with us in your prayers and your financial help, it is all within reach. We have set a modest budget of $200,000 for this first full year. Please prayerfully consider if the Lord would have you partner with us in these goals.

For His Glory,

Dr. Don Kistler

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