May 2009 Newsletter

May 18, 2009

Dear Friends of the Ministry:
We are in desperate need of your assistance. There are several ministry opportunities available to us, and they all require your financial support.


First, I have been asked to go the Ukraine in August for two weeks, from August 6 through August 20 to teach theology to pastors and those who would like to become pastors. For me, it is the opportunity of a lifetime. However, I must purchase my own airline ticket, which is about $1500. That is beyond my ability to provide at this point. So I am asking for your help.

I need to get my ticket this week, as fares continue to rise as the dates approach. If you can come alongside me on this project, please send a check to Don Kistler Ministries, Inc., PO Box 781135, Orlando, FL 32878-1135, and designate it for “Ukraine Trip.”


Second, there are a number of books waiting to be published. We simply don’t have the funds to do them. Here are some of the titles I am anxious to print:

1. “Heaven Taken by Storm,” by Thomas Watson. This is our best-selling title. It has sold nearly all the copies from its original run. I am concerned that, with the International Christian Retail Show (formerly known as CBA) coming up in July, we wouldn’t be able to fill orders for that title. We need approximately $4,000 to keep it in print.

2. “A Spectacle Unto God.” This is my biography of the great Puritan preacher, Christopher Love. It has been out of print for several years, but continues to be much sought after. Again, $4,000 is needed to bring this title back. It is a wonderful human-interest story, a real-life love story (no pun intended), of a Puritan preacher of uncompromising convictions.

3. “A Happy Christian Home,” by John Angell James. The original title in the 19th century was “Helps to Domestic Happiness.” It has been retypeset and modernized for today’s readers. One man who read it wrote me that this book should be in every Christian bookstore, and all the other family titles eliminated. I had hoped to have this title at the bookseller’s convention in Denver in July. Only if we get the $6,000 needed could we do that.

4. “The Safety of Appearing on the Day of Judgment in the Righteousness of Christ,” by Solomon Stoddard. This classic work by the grandfather of the great Jonathan Edwards is a masterpiece on the need for imputed righteousness, a doctrine that, sadly, is under attack even in evangelical circles. This marvelous work has been out of print for some years now, and is much-needed in our day. We need approximately $7,000 to reprint this book.

Thankfully, a friend of the ministry in San Diego recently gave us the funds to reprint my booklet entitled “Why Read the Puritans Today?”, in which I give numerous reasons why people today should read men who have been dead for 300-400 years. It is a good introduction to the Puritans for folks who have never heard anything good about them.

That booklet is now available online at and The price is $5, which includes the postage costs. A pack of 10 can be had for $2 per copy, plus $5 shipping.

Please prayerfully consider how you can help. This is my life’s work, and I am hoping to be able to continue it.

For His Glory,

Don Kistler

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