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Dr. Don Kistler, founder of the Northampton Press, was born in California in 1949, the second of five sons of Jack and Faye Kistler. He grew up on a dairy farm in Central California and graduated from Azusa Pacific College in Southern California in 1971 with a double major in public speaking and religion. He holds the M. Div. and D. Min. degrees, and is an ordained minister. Prior to entering the gospel ministry, Dr. Kistler coached high school and college football for over 15 years.

Dr. Kistler pastored a local church for four years. As part of his preaching and teaching ministry, he has spoken at conferences with such notable figures as Dr. John MacArthur, Dr. R. C. Sproul, Dr. D. James Kennedy, Dr. J. I. Packer, Dr. John Gerstner, Elisabeth Elliot, Dr. Sinclair Ferguson, Dr. Michael Horton, Rev. Alistair Begg, Dr. Albert M. Mohler, the late Dr. James Boice, and Rev. Eric Alexander, to name just a few.

Dr. Kistler is the author of the book A Spectacle Unto God: The Life and Death of Christopher Love, and Why Read the Puritans Today? and is the editor of all the Soli Deo Gloria Puritan reprints. He was a contributing author for Justification by Faith ALONE!; Sola Scriptura; Trust and Obey: Obedience and the Christian; Onward, Christian Soldiers: Protestants Affirm the Church; and Feed My Sheep: A Passionate Plea for Preaching.

He has edited over 150 books.  He currently resides in Orlando, FL.

The Teaching Ministry of Dr. Don Kistler
Here is what some noted Christian figures have had to say about Don Kistler’s teaching:

“I heartily recommend Don to you. He is a man with a strong love for the Word and a keen desire to teach it. Don’s teaching has resulted in encouraging many to a life of godliness.”
John MacArthur

“Don Kistler is a shrewd, down-to-earth exponent of classical Reformed convictions about Christian belief and behavior. The burden of his ministry is to apply these convictions realistically for the purging and enriching of faith and life today. I commend his ministry to all who care about the matters of his concern.”
Dr. J.I. Packer

“Don’s knowledge of Reformed and, especially, Puritan theology is extensive and precise. In addition, he is an articulate person, lively in communication. Don Kistler is a line-on-line preacher of God’s Word, and many of his one-liners are superb!”
Dr. John Gerstner

“I have been impressed with Don’s teaching ability and the depth of the lessons. He could not have plumbed those depths of spiritual discernment without plumbing some great depths of human suffering first.”
Elisabeth Elliot

“Don Kistler has committed himself to the old way of faithfulness to the Word of God, even though that may be unpopular and out of fashion, and delights in the preaching and teaching of the gospel. I have listened to him with profit to my soul as he opened, explained, and applied the truths of Holy Scripture.”
Dr. John R. DeWitt

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