Dear Friend,

Thank you for inviting me to speak for you. Before I can accept, I need some information from you. This will help me make decisions that take into account time away from my family, etc. And let me give you a few bits of information that will help you plan more efficiently should we decide to go ahead.

If an overnight stay is required, I ask that you not put me in a private home. It does not have to be anything particularly fancy, just a place that is quiet and non-smoking.

I do not have a fee of a certain amount. But this is part of how I provide for my family, so I do accept honorariums. I would appreciate knowing in advance what you believe you can provide. And if you anticipate the honorarium being less than $1,000, I would ask that you take an offering to supplement the honorarium.

I will make my own travel arrangements. I promise to find the lowest possible fare that does not give me lengthy layovers or wear me out just in the travel.

Because of the number of requests for speaking I receive, I find it helpful for me to have you answer the following questions:

Who is Sponsoring the event?:*
Email address:
What are the precise dates of the event?: *
How many times are you intending for me to speak?:
How much time will I have for each session?:
How many do you plan to have in attendance? :*
Into what airport would I fly (assuming flying is needed)?:
If this is a weekend conference, will you find me a local church in which to preach on Sunday morning?:
Will someone be available to run a book table or sell Soli Deo Gloria books?
What is the theme for this event?
Where exactly will the event be held (First Baptist Church), contact information (phone, etc.)?:
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